Taking Care of the Environment Should be Considered a Priority!

My reading goals are going at an OK so far. However, I could easily improve on what I am doing right now. I need to read even more outside of class than what I had originally planned, and because of this, I must take more time to read every day.

The book I have just read is the Book Zoo by James Patterson. This book takes the reader into a world in which animals have suddenly turned against humans, and animals are demonstrating strange behaviors. Zoo is experienced mainly through the eyes of Jackson Oz, a biologist who has been trying to explain the Human Animal Conflict to scientists worldwide. As Oz was being proved right, animals were attacking people left and right, including some of the most dangerous animals in the world.  The book takes the reader to various parts of the world where animal attacks are happening such as India. In India, a policeman is slaughtered as "the leopard opens him from belly to chin. Two more leopards arrive, skulking slyly in the hallway" (254…

An Insight into Immigrant Life

The amount that I have read at home has increased by a huge amount, and The Namesakeby Jhumpa Lahri is one book in particular that has caught my interest. It has many complex themes, but AP books such as The Namesake tend to have these in abundance. Hard Work vs "living your life" was the main focus of Chapter 4.
     Gogol, the main character, and the eldest son of Ashoke and Ashima Ganguli, was in his Junior year in chapter 4. Gogol was scheduled to take the SAT soon, but chose to go and party with his friends.   "One Saturday, soon before he is scheduled to take the SAT, his family drives to Connecticut for the weekend, leaving Gogol at home alone overnight for the first time in his life. It never crosses his parents' minds that instead of taking timed practice tests in his room, Gogol will drive with Colin and Jason and Marc to a party"(93-94). To be successful, one has to work hard to make the grade and get accepted into prestigious colleges, but at t…

My Introductory Blog

My name is Asad Lalani, and I am currently a student enrolled in Hebron High School and I am in the 10th grade. Reading is something that I don't tend to do all the time. English class, however, has encouraged me to increase the amount I read and I believe that with this encouragement, I can set reasonable goals for the rest of the nine weeks.

     My goals are the steps to achieving my vision, which is to become a better leader. I can become a better leader by following These Goals goals: First, I would like to read at least fifteen pages a day. I'm already reading ten pages a day, some of which are outside of class. Increasing the number of pages I read a day would allow me to read more than usual. A second goal of mine is increasing my reading speed. Increasing my reading speed would be beneficial to the development of my reading level because if I can comprehend texts while reading relatively quickly, I could better my preparation for the AP test for English III and p…