Taking Care of the Environment Should be Considered a Priority!

My reading goals are going at an OK so far. However, I could easily improve on what I am doing right now. I need to read even more outside of class than what I had originally planned, and because of this, I must take more time to read every day.

The book I have just read is the Book Zoo by James Patterson. This book takes the reader into a world in which animals have suddenly turned against humans, and animals are demonstrating strange behaviors. Zoo is experienced mainly through the eyes of Jackson Oz, a biologist who has been trying to explain the Human Animal Conflict to scientists worldwide. As Oz was being proved right, animals were attacking people left and right, including some of the most dangerous animals in the world.  The book takes the reader to various parts of the world where animal attacks are happening such as India. In India, a policeman is slaughtered as "the leopard opens him from belly to chin. Two more leopards arrive, skulking slyly in the hallway" (254).  This shows the violence that non human animals are causing throughout the world. A major concept that the book presents is the animal attack The animal attacks symbolize the destruction that could happen if humans don't take care of the environment.

Humans won't get attacked by animals such as what happens in the book, but environmental degradation will cause the world to become a barren place, which shows that taking care of the environment is extremely important. If we don't protect our environment, there might not be a world to live in.


  1. That was an interesting interpretation of your embedded quote. The flow of your post was good.

  2. I like the insight you provided in your anthropomorphic book. If you're interested in more books that use animals to provide a analogy of humankind and what consequences humans can experience as a result of their arrogant actions, I would like to recommend the book "Animal Farm" by George Orwell because it deals with similar issues critiquing human behavior.


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